Counseling Career and Education Programs

Many people need or want the chance to talk with someone one on one. To overcome various issues and obstacles. Professionals that are trained can help individuals deal with a variety of situations and issues. Counseling career and education programs are offered by numerous accredited colleges. Students can find the right school for them by deciding what type of career in counseling they want to enter.

Counselors work directly with people to help them resolve personal issues. The types of counseling options vary considerably, which allows a wide range of career opportunities for students. Students that enter degree programs in counseling dive into curriculum that focuses on teaching students about the social, behavioral, and psychological aspects that go into helping individuals. Working successfully through a program is valued and required in order to gain a career as a counselor.

Work related areas include helping patients deal with areas that include:
Substance Abuse
Domestic Violence

Other areas can include helping people prepare for college or other life changes. These few examples are joined by other counseling career opportunities that are available to students that have completed their education.

Having a master's degree or doctorate degree is the industry standard to become a practicing counselor. Several bachelor's degree programs offer students the needed knowledge to successfully work through a graduate degree. Students can work through training in education, psychology, and sociology. Before entering a graduate program students should choose a specialty so they are able to narrow down the possible schools and programs available to them for study. Continuing career education to the PhD level allows students to become highly specialized and work as writers and researchers inside the field.

One popular career program is a master's degree in marriage and family counseling. In this field students study how to properly work with married couples and families. Family development and sexual dysfunction are some subjects that a curriculum covers. A family, couple, and child counseling course teach students the procedures for intervention and therapy of children and their families. Students explore the family system through models and disorders that are used in the overall counseling process. Students learn the different perspectives, approaches, and intervention techniques to appropriately handle a counseling session.

Individuals that want to work inside a school setting can major in school counseling. A degree like this focuses on the counseling of elementary, middle, and high school students. Education tackles a variety of issues that include rehabilitation training, substance abuse, diversity, and adolescent development. Counseling children and young adults has students learning about common procedures and techniques to talk with their clients about a variety of issues and deal with individual situations.

Students that want to enter a career in counseling should begin an education in a bachelor's degree program and decide before graduation what area of study they want to specialize in. Starting education is the best and fastest way to begin the process of pursuing a career. The Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) can approve quality counseling schools and programs and provide the full accreditation they deserve.


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