Real Estate Continuing Education Programs In Perspective

The basic idea of real estate continuing education programs is to create a course curriculum that can be used by both new applicants and working brokers. While novices study to get the state approved real estate broker license, working brokers need course credits to renew their license. The 'continuing' word is used to emphasize on the fact that these courses do not require 100% time devotion and can be pursued even while working or while practicing real estate brokerage.

Why Real Estate Continuing Education?

Why should an experienced real estate broker pursue real estate continuing education to renew his license? This is because the state administration needs to ensure a certain level of competence amongst its brokers and wants them to be up-to-date. The topics covered could be any of these: insurance, laws, broker relationships, transactions, zoning, finance, fair housing, credit scoring and ethics.

Such up-to-date learning enables brokers to be better equipped in helping their clients on varying multitudes of subjects.

Real Estate Continuing Education: Online vs. Classroom

The best way to decide between online or classroom training in a real estate continuing education course is to answer these questions:

What are my expectations from a training school?

Under what time constraints am I supposed to study and work?

Are the classes being conducted near my home?

Is the timetable conducive to my working hours?

At what time during the day do I feel most inclined towards studies?

What are my cost constraints?

Do I have access to a computer and the Internet?

These questions are completely legitimate and will help you make a sound decision.

For instance, if you have budget limitations, then the most feasible option for you would be the online course system. This is because they tend to be cheaper than classroom learning and can be pursued anytime, even at night. Similarly, if you have a family and are already stretched for free time to devote to them, online learning is just the option for you. However, if you do not have access to a computer, then classroom training is your only option.

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Online Education - Course Selection

Now you have completed a self-assessment, you have developed short and long term goals, and you know what basic skills you need to develop. Now you are in a good position to select the online courses you want to take. Remember online course selection is only a beginning as setting up a curriculum or order of courses is important as well. Your goal with course selection is developing the universe of online subjects and courses you need to take. You should develop a list of every online program or course you need to take to meet your goals from your self-assessment. In addition, you should be developing a list of all the required skills you need to obtain to meet your objectives as well.

Required skills are those skills that are specifically apply to achieving your goals. For example, to start your own business you may need accounting skills, web development skills, marketing and so on.

Required skills are the skills that give you the knowledge required to start attacking your long term goals. Basic and intermediate courses in marketing do not give you the expert knowledge in an advertising or marketing business. For example, an art business may also require specific skills in Art History, Evaluating Art, and/or Art Valuation. A Consulting business requires expertise in the area you are going to consult in. For example, a web design consultant needs skills in HTML, PHP, Graphic Design, Database Management etc. Be sure to be as thorough as possible in your course selection as it will better help you in the long run.

Your course listing must include all the basic skills you need to develop as identified in your self-assessment and all required skills needed to achieve your ultimate goal.

With your course selection list, you now need to organize your selections in to a logical progression or a curriculum  which I will discuss in my next series of articles generically and specifically by subject.

Online Degrees Upgrades Education

The increasing demand of online education for saving time creates many online programs from universities. This thing brings chances for students with flexible choice of learning with accessible materials and a various kinds of degrees without class attendance. But remember to get the agreement from education department before choosing online programs. Here are the list of universities and colleges with online courses.


The University of Maryland


This is a school that is accredited by the institution of University of Maryland. This school is based in Adelphi, and is known to have an award winning program online. One of its MBA degrees has become a winner in the past year as the most "Outstanding eLearning Program award," which was given to them by the "Instructional Technology Council." They also offer 28 undergraduate programs, as well as 50 Masters degrees that you can chose from.

They offer students the chance to try out classes online, to give them understanding of how it will work by using a tool called UMUC 411; this gives students the chance to access and do practice work and chat in the chat rooms, and discuss the curriculum with the faculty.


Ball State


This institution was founded in the year of 1918, and can be found in Indiana, and gives students wishing to complete an online degree, a wide variety of offers. Some of their courses include an associate, bachelor's, master's, and a doctoral degree program, plus a certificate and licensing program. This institution also offers an accredited program for nursing, for those who wish to study in the health sector.

They also provide students with the opportunity to do clinical work within their local community.


University of Massachusetts


This University was discovered in 1863 and began offering students the chance to do online courses in 2001, by using its "UMassOnline program." The school stresses that the students studying online, receive the same benefits that the traditional students do, including being able to talk to the faculty members and the same academic standards. This school gives students the choice of choosing from 83 undergraduate, professional and certificate and graduate programs. This university was also ranked in 2010 in "Business Week," as one of the top 10 MBA programs for the part time students.


Best Education - Online Degree Programs

College students have been taking online degree programs for a number of years. They're convenient and assist you to tailor it to your individual needs, based in your schedule and other commitments. Online college students have the benefit of getting the latest and updated technology available to them, and that being the main target of their programs.

There's so much concentrate on specialised areas of studying in online degree programs. A few of them are very course intensive to the field of study that they're constructed around, in order for college students to get the most of their education. These online degrees course are a few of the most popular and regularly taken by the students.

Online Accounting Degree : Simply as we'll all the time need health care, we'll always requirement of financial services like those who accountants and bankers provide. More firms are increasing their services, and hiring individuals as outsourced accountants and book keepers. Many accounting and book keeping contractors are capable of continue to remain at home and earn their residing in that environment due to this improve in popularity.

Online MBA Degree : Online MBA Education is a primarily based on the model of distance learning education and provided by leading online universities as a part of the curriculum. It's devised for people unable to physically attend the regular classes. A student enrolled in the online program is provided with study material through the online courses, eBooks and conferences. On the other hand regular MBA Education is a part of a course in a university or college wherein college students attend lecture classes on every day. In terms of expense, online MBA Degree in many universities is cheaper than regular MBA programs.

Online Psychology Degree : Earning an online psychology degree is a good selection for people that are looking to return to school to change or advance their profession whereas continuing to work their regular schedule at their present employer. The best psychology degrees right now are well timed and the job openings are increasing and rising to accommodate the needs of many who require these services.

Online Business Degree : Adding an online business degree provides you the liberty to decide on a school that may attain the qualifications you need. Dealing with these many selections of schools will also be tough; there are a number of issues that you may have to be considered in selecting the online business degree program that you're about to get into.

The benefit of earning an online degree programs through the online universities or colleges of your choice are many. Having the ability to keep a flexible schedule while growing your knowledge to be utilized to a career in the discipline of your choosing is a handy and best situation. Online degrees are gaining in popularity and prepared for you to enroll in the Online degree program of your selection and make a difference in your life.