Education becomes global with online university distance learning programs

There was a time when education was restricted to classrooms, schools and universities. Our grandparents could not even imagine that something like distance learning was possible. They did have a rough idea that there could be something like online university. This is quite obvious as the internet had not come at that time. Even if it was there, nobody had an idea that it could be used for studies and distance learning programs. But with time and the advancement of science and technology, the concept of distance learning and online university became quite common and very popular too. It has been seen and studied in a survey that today more and more numbers of people are going for various distance learning courses from an online university for the various advantages that these universities offer.

The greatest advantage of the various distance learning courses from an online university is that it offers great flexibility to the students.

Students can study as per their own convenience and free time. There is no hard and fast rule that needs to be followed in distance learning programs. Online university courses have come as a great boon for the professionals. All the organizations want their employees to have high qualifications and develop themselves with each passing day. For that, they have to do various kinds of professional courses through distance learning programs. MBA is the most commonly pursued professional course by majority of the professional students. Enrolling in an online university for distance learning courses saves time and effort for the students. They can study after office or in the weekends. On completing the course successfully, the candidates are also awarded with online degrees from the online university he/she is enrolled to.

There was a time when there were major issues with distance learning degrees from an online university. People had a notion that the education that was provided by the online university was not of high standards and the degree that was provided was also not very valuable. But the concept has undergone a sea change with passing time. Today people are choosing distance learning programs for their convenience and flexibility. Various things can be managed at the same time along with studies with the help of these online education programs. You just need a computer and internet connectivity for completing your course. It has also been seen that the expenses incurred in distance learning courses through online university are lesser.

Online Education Training Opportunities

What can you do to pursue your dreaming career? Of course all your action starts by training courses. The accredited online educational programs can provide you all the skills and knowledge to reach your desire. And this thing is easy to finish, by just one click.


When looking to gain the training needed for a career in education you can enroll in a number of accredited online schools and colleges. Training is available at various levels allowing you to choose the one that's right for you.


Bachelor degrees in education can be obtained by completing four years of accredited study. With a degree at this level students can become a general education teacher and choose an area of study to teach.
Master degrees in this field will prepare students to teach specific subjects or grades and can require an additional two years of online training.
Doctoral degrees in education will take students an additional four years to obtain and can provide the means to teach secondary and post-secondary educational programs.


With an accredited degree in education you can gain the training you need to pursue a variety of exciting careers.

Areas of study will vary based on the level of degree and desired level of teaching desired.


Coursework will cover a variety of topics, and students who choose to specialize in certain subjects will complete more focused courses. Online educational training programs can allow you to learn:


Social Science
Physical Science
Philosophy of Education
Teaching Methods
Psychology of Learning


...and much more.

By gaining knowledge in these areas you will be able to pursue your desired teaching career. You may also be required to complete some supervised teaching in order to complete all graduation requirements.


By choosing to gain an accredited online degree in education you have the opportunity to choose from a number of specialized studies. You can pursue a career teaching:


High School
Special Education


...and more. You have the options of deciding when, where, and how you study, as well as the level of teaching you would like to pursue, when completing an online training program.


By looking to gain an accredited online degree in education you can prepare to become the teacher you desire. Full accreditation is provided by various agencies like the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education ( Accreditation is provided to online schools and colleges that meet the criteria needed to prove that they can offer students the best quality education possible. You can start by researching various online schools and colleges and begin training today.


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Online Open Source Education

Online education is increasingly on the public's mind with many pursuing higher education during the current tough economic times. Accompanying the growth of the for profit online universities, serving these students, is the open source education movement. This movement, headed by MIT OpenCourseWare and the Khan Academy, seeks to revolutionize education by offering free content to anyone with an internet connection. Bill Gates said in an interview that he believes that within five years the best education will come from the web. Coming from a man who has made billions from investing in innovation, such predictions carry an enormous amount of weight.

There is a huge demand for online education materials, not just for those enrolled in online courses, but for anyone trying to learn. The upcoming generation of college freshman have to think hard to remember a time before Google and YouTube.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the first reaction of many young students when faced with a difficult problem is to "Google it." Interestingly enough, with the plethora of online education materials, it probably is the best strategy. A quick Google search for calculus returns quite a bit more than what one could find in a traditional library. Full textbooks, video lectures, practice problems with solutions, internet forums connecting to thousands of helpful experts, computer programs, and more content growing by the day make a trip to the library seem silly unless you plan on using a library computer to access the internet.

So where is the open source education movement taking us? Despite the enthusiasm of many, I do not foresee the destruction of the over priced higher education system (bubble?) any time soon. Although, it would be an interesting case study to submit a few resumes with a list of watched YouTube videos as one's education credentials. The open source education movement will have an effect, however, in the industry that produces supplemental education materials. There is a whole section of "Learn Calculus Fast!" style education books that could be disappearing off the shelves of your local book store (if your local book store hasn't already disappeared). How are they to compete with interactive online materials, video lectures, and discussion forums for these subjects? Quite frankly, I don't see how they can.

More interesting than the business impact of the open source education movement is the psychology behind it. What is driving people to produce their own YouTube videos solving calculus problems? Or spending their evenings in a forum devoted to organic chemistry, helping students with difficulty understanding the concepts? Economists and psychologists came together to find what motivates people to contribute to open source projects and found three primary motivators. Challenge, mastery, and making a contribution are the driving force behind all open source projects. These three elements are clearly prominent in the case of the open source education movement and one can add in the "joy of teaching" as an additional motivator. It is for these reasons that I agree with Mr. Gates that not only will the best education soon be available on the web, but that it will also be free.

Management Education and MBA Programs

When we talk about management education, the borders are getting increasingly blurred as B-school go in for international partnerships and online mba programmes gain in popularity. Some people believes that to be at the cutting edge  of management education B-school have to work in partnership with industry as well as with other school across the globe. Through international partnerships of academic programmes, you gain additional perspectives on new business environments, and leverage different areas of expertise and specialization.

International academic partnership could be beneficial if they are long-term and mutual. With intelligent alliances you can create a new identity and different orbit for your institution’s pathways. In the initial phase of partnering one may feel that a ‘brand’ that is so well-respected in a particular milieu, is getting diluted in a different cultural context, but over time, you may actually strengthen the brand through these international initiatives. That has been one of the many lesson learnt from the history of global companies. However, not everyone is convinced that opening campuses would necessarily be good for the school. With the support of the web it is possible to deliver inputs anytime anywhere, you do not have to necessarily create a physical campus. Opening overseas campus is primarily exploitation of business opportunities, and may not necessarily be connected with enhancement of knowledge. The demand for MBA Education in India itself is so large that it would be unfair to spend time looking o establish centres/campuses abroad. In our efforts to meet the demand, we have created 15-17 programmes for working professionals to be imparted via satellite education. Candidates visit their regional centers to view a live broadcast of lectures from their  professors at IIM-Calcutta. They have to visit  the campus only once during the duration of the entire programme.

online it degree

Distance Learning MBA can provide and excellent mode for learning, but only if the school has designed its programme with care and sensitivity to the requirement of the delivery method. MBA Distance education is never an easy option, but it enables students to put theories into practice in the workplace, thus, they can gain more from the degree.

The recent shake-up of the investment community has left many baffled and even more revaluating their chosen career paths. The majority among those ‘revaluating’ their professional interests is a plethora of management education aspirants. Investment banks, regarded until recently as the kings of Wall Street, are on shaky ground.

When business are in trouble, MBA enrolments spike  up. The reason is that students know that downturn in business means a downturn in career prospects - some will be laid-off; other will see bonuses drop and promotion prospects dry up.

This is the perfect time to take a break and pursue management. The industry outlook suggest that the markets would start recovering in about two years. KPO and LPO sector to pick up in India and will most likely start a new venture to fulfill new demands. Besides, the global economic slowdown may make it harder to change careers. It is better to take a long-term view. Markets are cyclical  and what goes down will come up.