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When we talk about management education, the borders are getting increasingly blurred as B-school go in for international partnerships and online mba programmes gain in popularity. Some people believes that to be at the cutting edge  of management education B-school have to work in partnership with industry as well as with other school across the globe. Through international partnerships of academic programmes, you gain additional perspectives on new business environments, and leverage different areas of expertise and specialization.

International academic partnership could be beneficial if they are long-term and mutual. With intelligent alliances you can create a new identity and different orbit for your institution’s pathways. In the initial phase of partnering one may feel that a ‘brand’ that is so well-respected in a particular milieu, is getting diluted in a different cultural context, but over time, you may actually strengthen the brand through these international initiatives. That has been one of the many lesson learnt from the history of global companies. However, not everyone is convinced that opening campuses would necessarily be good for the school. With the support of the web it is possible to deliver inputs anytime anywhere, you do not have to necessarily create a physical campus. Opening overseas campus is primarily exploitation of business opportunities, and may not necessarily be connected with enhancement of knowledge. The demand for MBA Education in India itself is so large that it would be unfair to spend time looking o establish centres/campuses abroad. In our efforts to meet the demand, we have created 15-17 programmes for working professionals to be imparted via satellite education. Candidates visit their regional centers to view a live broadcast of lectures from their  professors at IIM-Calcutta. They have to visit  the campus only once during the duration of the entire programme.

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Distance Learning MBA can provide and excellent mode for learning, but only if the school has designed its programme with care and sensitivity to the requirement of the delivery method. MBA Distance education is never an easy option, but it enables students to put theories into practice in the workplace, thus, they can gain more from the degree.

The recent shake-up of the investment community has left many baffled and even more revaluating their chosen career paths. The majority among those ‘revaluating’ their professional interests is a plethora of management education aspirants. Investment banks, regarded until recently as the kings of Wall Street, are on shaky ground.

When business are in trouble, MBA enrolments spike  up. The reason is that students know that downturn in business means a downturn in career prospects - some will be laid-off; other will see bonuses drop and promotion prospects dry up.

This is the perfect time to take a break and pursue management. The industry outlook suggest that the markets would start recovering in about two years. KPO and LPO sector to pick up in India and will most likely start a new venture to fulfill new demands. Besides, the global economic slowdown may make it harder to change careers. It is better to take a long-term view. Markets are cyclical  and what goes down will come up.


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