Real Estate Continuing Education Programs In Perspective

The basic idea of real estate continuing education programs is to create a course curriculum that can be used by both new applicants and working brokers. While novices study to get the state approved real estate broker license, working brokers need course credits to renew their license. The 'continuing' word is used to emphasize on the fact that these courses do not require 100% time devotion and can be pursued even while working or while practicing real estate brokerage.

Why Real Estate Continuing Education?

Why should an experienced real estate broker pursue real estate continuing education to renew his license? This is because the state administration needs to ensure a certain level of competence amongst its brokers and wants them to be up-to-date. The topics covered could be any of these: insurance, laws, broker relationships, transactions, zoning, finance, fair housing, credit scoring and ethics.

Such up-to-date learning enables brokers to be better equipped in helping their clients on varying multitudes of subjects.

Real Estate Continuing Education: Online vs. Classroom

The best way to decide between online or classroom training in a real estate continuing education course is to answer these questions:

What are my expectations from a training school?

Under what time constraints am I supposed to study and work?

Are the classes being conducted near my home?

Is the timetable conducive to my working hours?

At what time during the day do I feel most inclined towards studies?

What are my cost constraints?

Do I have access to a computer and the Internet?

These questions are completely legitimate and will help you make a sound decision.

For instance, if you have budget limitations, then the most feasible option for you would be the online course system. This is because they tend to be cheaper than classroom learning and can be pursued anytime, even at night. Similarly, if you have a family and are already stretched for free time to devote to them, online learning is just the option for you. However, if you do not have access to a computer, then classroom training is your only option.

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