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The ability to see a design in a three-dimensional format is making the work of architects and engineers more efficient and accurate. Online education is available for students that want to enter a career as a drafter. Several training options are available in computer aided drafting from online accredited schools and colleges.

Becoming a technical expert is possible when students enter an educational program in computer aided drafting. Associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programs make up the main options students can choose from. Several schools also offer certificate programs. Professionals draft illustrations and then deliver them to be used by construction companies and production organizations. Computer aided drafting or commonly known as CAD trains students to create technical drawings of appliances, houses, machines, and more. Students learn how to use the industry's technology in order to generate plans, blueprints, and illustrations for a variety of purposes.

Online education focuses on using CAD programs by exploring each area of the creation process.

Certificate and associates degree programs train students by covering multiple topics. The practical and detailed specifications of illustrations are explored at foundational levels so students understand how to function in every area of the workplace. Main courses that could be taken in an online program include:

Technical Illustration
Engineering Design
Architectural Design
Blueprint Reading


A complete set of skills is gained and students can directly use them inside a career upon graduation. Entry-level positions are available for students after they learn how to interpret drawings, use CAD software programs, and create virtual models for various projects.

Further education prepares students to enter upper-level careers.

Inside a bachelor's degree students will examine advanced technical planning and drawing. Education focuses on developing the skills to understand project feasibility and ensuring quality of work. Students may take:

Applied Mechanics
Interior Design
Design Detailing


Computerized design and the procedures used in drafting and architecture programs are explored so students can bring their knowledge into an industrial setting. The education gained provides students with the knowledge to become team leaders in the professional workplace. As a team leader, professionals develop solutions for all computer aided software and hardware problems that may occur in the designing process. The course topics discussed and examined help students know their role in the construction process of buildings and appliances. Continued education predominantly takes place in certificate programs where professionals complete courses to update their skills and learn the latest CAD technologies. Master's degree programs typically concentrate on other forms of drafting inside architectural and engineering programs.

Learning to become an effective member of a CAD team is available to students. Many schools offer programs and coursework in an online format allowing students to work from home and gain the needed knowledge for a career. Accredited computer aided drafting online programs can provide the quality training that is needed to succeed. Agencies like the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) can fully accredited the best educational programs. Start education today and become a drafter in as little as two years.


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