E-learning Educational Programs

All professionals and teachers who have ventured in the field of virtual education have found a new paradigm for many years been fascinated by, and enriches all involved. Teachers, educators, students, schools, etc.. They viewed the inclusion of ICT in learning environments or personal luggage finders to improve the quality of educational institutions in which they appear. There are many problems to overcome in our country, and many schools and institutions, but many also offer the advantages of new information and communication technologies.

May indicate that e-learning as a new teaching and learning, facilitates the training of students and teachers from different levels of education in the sense that it becomes more critical and active, capable of s' collaborative networks that integrate in turn, produce new forms of social relationship.

Various authors have proposed, and suggest that these modifications represent, as mentioned above, a new technological model that responds to thousands of ordinary people around the world.

It is known that this subjectivity is multi-determined by online ms in information technology, and this permeates all areas of our lives, our activities with the benefits of integration and flexibility it offers.

The nature of this new paradigm creates the appearance of an "active subject, critical and participatory" in a community network that uses this "knowledge" as a means not only access but also the production and editing information. Allows certain situations to improve the construction process of learning and knowledge. It also allows the implementation of the attitudes and skills, intellectual work from which the student becomes an active learner.

The experiences of e-learning activities in virtual environments allow students to develop self-employment, according to their time and individual strategies, and then join the group participation and cooperation.

Also the use of distance learning mba india technology redefines the role of teachers, not only as someone who is a source of information but also as someone who participates and assists in the treatment of subjective information, their selection, prioritization and coordination. The teacher can discover the role assigned Constructivism, which directs and accompanies the student in the process learning in an interactive environment.

Form of socialization to propose a network of virtual learning environments as a democratic environment through the participation of new communities and groups, and different long distance and geographical space. Information will become part of the flow of information generated by the development of ICT in recent decades, have taken different approaches to win, many times, and the difficulties faced at the same time, complementary.


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