Education Administration online programs

Educational administrators delegate and manage the many diverse and unrelated tasks of an institution. In particular, they provide instructional guidance and set the academic standards for the institution in which they work and ensure their outcomes.

Education administration online programs prepare students with the necessary training and skill sets needed to work as an instructional coordinator, dean, principal or assistant principal. The program also targets existing educational professionals seeking to upgrade their skills for advancement opportunities within their careers. These advanced education administration degree programs allows them to obtain the additional training needed without having to quit their jobs. Education administration programs are normally Masters and Doctoral programs. Therefore, the minimum requirement for admission is at least a Bachelors degree in the field of education or another field.

Most institutions also require prior teaching experience.

Online Masters of Science (MS) in Education Administration

Students studying the Masters of Science in education administration will acquire the necessary knowledge and training needed to take on a diverse range of administrative tasks concerned with different levels of education. This comprehensive study program will cover core courses such as administration of personnel supervision, curriculum planning and development, financial management, school and finance law, foundations of educational leadership, principles of educational administration and public relations and ethics.

The program also integrates fieldwork and internship to help students develop the practical experience needed to function effectively as an administrator at all levels.

Online PhD Degrees in Education Administration

Online PhD degree programs in education administration prepare its participants for higher education faculty positions such as principal, dean, superintendent (at the district level) or in research and policy. In addition to your online courses, these graduate programs will require you to conduct your own doctoral research geared towards helping you develop the practical skill sets needed to demonstrate effective and innovative leadership capabilities.

Salary Range for Online Educational Administrators

The salary range for individuals with an advanced degree in education administration will vary depending on the level of education and experience, position held, the size and geographic location of the establishment in which they work. The average salary range for administrative positions within the field ranges between ,000 and ,000 per year, while principals may earn as much as ,000-,000 per year.


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