Go to College?

When you graduate from high school, you have the option to go directly to work or go on to university or college. There are some things you should consider so that you succeed in the future because the choice of majors or skills you have can be obtained at the university. You can consider several factors as mentioned below:

1. Factor of yourself
a. Interest
Factor of interest is the main factor that you should know before choosing a university, because this factor is the trigger to complete your studies. Surely it would be a burden for you to go to college if it interests you to go to college does not exist. Since it is unlikely you will complete the study only with the encouragement of parents only.

b. Cost
The cost factor is the biggest reason why many people who could not continue her studies in college. Because during the course of our parents certainly would spend more money to support the costs of your education. So do not ever waste your hard work and toil of our parents.
2. Factors from the University
a. Reputation Companies would prefer a candidate who is an alumnus of the University who has a good reputation. And of course, would be proud if we become college alumnus who has a good reputation is not it?

b. Future Prospects Assess the direction that you choose, whether good future prospects, are absorbed by the world of work or help you become self-employed. Calculate carefully from now on.

c. Accreditation
Make sure you choose the University has accreditation, accreditation status is to determine a course of independence in carrying out the teaching and learning program. Accreditaticollege girl, college student, earn college degree, study distance learningon status granted to an organized program of study.

d. Educational Facilities
Make sure that you select universities that have education support facilities such as laboratories, internet room, library etc.
e. Link or cooperation
Now there are many companies that joined hands with the University to recruit human resources at its disposal. Surely it would make it easier for you to get a job if you are viewing has a campus job with a company that you might dream of.
Perhaps you want to study online, so you can work part time while studying at the university is open, or a bachelor's degree from online college. It's also a good choice because it has many online campus that has a good reputation.

Hopefully you are successful when studying on campus and can have a great career while working or as an entrepreneur.



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